Effective communication

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In this course we will deal with what an effective communication look like and how we can contribute to easy understanding between us and our surroundings. We will disclose communication barriers, the causes of communication faults and we will also discuss problematic situations and confrontations. Simultaneously, we will focus on field proven ways of communication which will help us to overcome the difficulties and, during extreme situations, not to lose our dignity as well as working relationships with others. In order to tune ourselves to other’s wavelength, it is necessary to listen to them actively. For expressing of our opinions, so called I-language is more than useful. It also enables us to express the feedback in a sensitive way, we will discuss the principles of feedback as well, how to deal with appreciation as well as criticism. Last but not least, we will discuss what is lately so often discussed assertivity about and what a non-acceptance look like. Finally, we will revise the key principles about which we can say that when we keep to them in our everyday lives, our communication will be effective. And, to learn to communicate effectively, that is the aim of this course.

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