Tailor-made individual coaching: Me! Mark! (EN)

Lenka Benetková

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Lektorka osobnostně profesního rozvoje. Specializuje se na krizový management v rámci obchodních oddělení a rozvoj obchodních dovedností.

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A personalized program tailored for freelancers, managers in leadership positions and personalities who care about their self-presentation. 

A quality personal brand demonstrably increases our success in work and personal life. Finding difference and satisfaction from oneself. Our personal brand is important in establishing and building relationships.

What do people think about us and our work when they meet us, and what do they read about us on social networks? How do people feel about my name? If I'm a manager, will people want to be part of my team? 

The range can be customized to the customer's specifications.

1 hour for the price of CZK 3,500. When taking more hours or regular consultations, the price is solved individually.

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Suitable for freelancers, managers in leadership positions and those who care about their self-presentation.

Obsah kurzu

Coaching can be focused on any of the following areas, or adapted to customer requirements:

  • Definition of yourself

  • Differentiation and credibility support

  • Balance of private and work sphere

  • Underline and highlight credibility

  • Removal of the so-called Black box

  • Developing a personal strategy for your personal brand

  • Setting suitable communication channels

  • Communication style and appropriateness of information

  • I! Mark! as a manager

  • Rebranding personal brands

  • Personal brand of woman vs. business world 

Studijní materiály

Lecturer's presentation in electronic form.

Tailor-made individual coaching: Me! Mark! (EN)

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3500 Kč + 21 % DPH

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