Remote team management

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At this course, we will teach you to lead team members "remotely", both in a team of members from the Czech Republic and a team of more nationalities. You will acquire the methods of leading virtual teams, ways of motivating and solving people's conflicts in situations where physical encounters are not possible. Course graduates are able to lead and motivate individual members of the team working at a distance, as well as creating a positive climate in the team and thus achieving better job results: completing projects in time, within a set deadline and quality. Long distance team management skills are a huge competitive advantage for both team leaders and individual companies.

Obsah kurzu

  • Creating a virtual team
  • Specific competences of the leader and members of the virtual team
  • Effective communication in a virtual team
  • Keeping the team involved
  • Practical examples, model situations
  • Discussion, summary, conclusion

Remote team management

Vybraný termín:

30.6.2022 –  1.7.2022  Praha Upřesnující informace k termínu

10200 Kč + 21 % DPH

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