My brand! I'm a woman! (EN)

Lenka Benetková

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Lektorka osobnostně profesního rozvoje. Specializuje se na krizový management v rámci obchodních oddělení a rozvoj obchodních dovedností.

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A course designed for women who work in a business environment in managerial positions or engage in active sales. Women who are part of large corporations, small businesses or work as self-employed. Personal brand of the woman as a whole. 

How to survive in the tough world of business? Is it really necessary to alternate all the roles of a woman in her life and balance between career and family? How to succeed in a male work environment or a woman in pants?

The program shapes and defines a woman's personal brand in a broader focus of the life spectrum and supports the strengths of women and their use in professional life. The program is based on the practical experience of a teacher as a woman who has been in the business environment for many years. 

Určeno pro

For women who work in a business environment in managerial positions or are engaged in active sales.

Obsah kurzu

  • What is a personal brand and why does it make sense to build a personal brand

  • How to build a personal brand as a woman vs. business

  • Effective use of personal branding

  • How to handle a personal brand to be useful and effective

  • How to be a marketer yourself or have a strategy is important

  • How to communicate your personal brand within the corporate culture and presentation of the company as a whole j

  • Communication channels

  • Appropriate communication content

  • What if I need to rebrand my personal brand and it is realistic in practice?

  • Image of woman vs. personal brand in business environment

  • Good name vs. personal brand of a woman

  • How a change of surname affects a woman's personal brand

  • Balance of private and work sphere 

Studijní materiály

Lecturer's presentation in electronic form.

My brand! I'm a woman! (EN)

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