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Facebook is dead, long live Instagram. This photo based social networking site is a new driving force in the social networking world. Ride on a wave that can not only expand your brand awareness, but become the next generation standard.
This course will show you how to work with Instagram, how to create content and what to do if you don’t feel like taking pictures all the time to post them.
In the end, you will leave with an Instagram account and a clear idea how to get the most of Instagram with minimum effort.
The course is designed for marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to follow new trends and be the driving force in their field.
  • Instagram vs. Facebook
  • Instagram vs. Facebook
  • What content you should create
  • How to create content
  • Automatisation


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30.4.2021  Jihomoravský kraj

4500 Kč + 21 % DPH

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