Coaching for managers and leaders

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At this course you will learn techniques to help you improve relationships in the workplace, develop the potential of your employees, and make it easier to win over your team members. We will show you how to attract employees to coaching and motivate them to cooperate. Graduates of this course are better at developing the potential, creativity and enthusiasm of team members.
  • Coaching and its purpose
  • Coaching and its purpose
  • Building a coaching relationship
  • Creating an atmosphere for the emotional support of the coachee
  • Development and change during coaching
  • Coaching in the organization
  • Coaching interview methodology and coaching model
  • Model situations and practices of coaching

Coaching for managers and leaders

Vybraný termín:

29.7.2021 –  30.7.2021  Jihomoravský kraj

10200 Kč + 21 % DPH

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