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Power BI basics (EN)

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Popis kurzu

Make working with data easier thanks to Power BI.

Power BI is Microsoft's cloud technology that makes it easy to analyze and visualize data.

Cíle kurzu

  • You will understand the difference between Power BI and the web interface

  • Find out what options Power BI offers you

  • You will know the features of Power BI

  • You will learn to work with data, create tables and grafs

Určeno pro

Do you need to analyze a large amount of data?

Do you want to create reports from this data?

Then the course is just for you. 

Obsah kurzu

  • Introduction to the application

  • Applications vs Web Interface

  • License types

  • What can be created in Power BI

  • Working with UI applications

  • Explanation of individual functions / buttons in Power BI

  • Data upload

  • Edit date

  • Getting new visuals

  • Creating tables

  • Graphing

  • Visual formatting

  • Filters

  • Interactions between visuals

  • DAX basics

  • Creating a calendar

  • Relationships between tables

  • Aquarium

  • Q&A


Basics of working with data.

Studijní materiály

Materials are in electronic form.


DAX basics in Power BI - Analysis, How to do visuals / reports correctly

Power BI basics (EN)

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25.11.2022  Online

4 500 Kč + 21% DPH

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