IBM Content Collector Workshop 2.1 : P8 Platform with Lotus Domino


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IBM Content Collector V2.1 (ICC) is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM)-based content archiving solution which treats e-mail and other unstructured content types as active critical business content (not just an archive). This solution intelligently collects e-mail from archives and manages the proliferation of it and other unstructured content throughout the enterprise, thus unlocking the business value of the content. ICC enables the full breadth of ECM to be applied to the collection (or archiving) of unstructured content so it can be used to comply with regulations, manage and analyze knowledge buried in e-mail and other unstructured content, and automate business processes where this content participates in the workflow.

In this workshop you will learn about the features in IBM Content Collector (both for File Systems and Email Archival), and discuss how to implement a compliance based solution along with IBM Classification Module, Records Manager, eDiscovery Manager, and eDiscovery Analyzer. You will have the opportunity to perform hands-on lab exercises including installing and configuring ICC in email and file system archiving scenarios, installing and integrating IBM Classification Module, revising or building ICC email and file system archiving task routes, enabling ICC email clients, and working with the ICC system for previewing, searching and restoring archived documents.  In addition, you will work with eDM and eDA to search and perform insightful analysis on emails archived in the ECM repositories.

IBM Content Collector Workshop 2.1 : P8 Platform with Lotus Domino

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