CompTIA Cloud Essentials+

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Target audience:

  • New Data Center Staff
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Business Process Owners
  • Managed Service Provider Personnel
  • Sales and Marketing Staff in cloud product or service management

Course objectives:

  • Understand risk management and response concepts related to cloud services 
  • Identify and employ appropriate cloud assessments like feasibility studies, benchmarking, or gap analysis.
  • Explain cloud principles, identify cloud networking concepts and storage techniques, and understand cloud design aspects.
  • Explain aspects of operating within the cloud, such as data management or optimization and understand the role of DevOps in cloud environments.
Why is Cloud Essentials+ Different? 

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is the only internationally recognized, vendor-neutral certification utilizing key business principles and fundamental cloud concepts that validate data-driven cloud recommendations. It stands alone in this field by demonstrating that all necessary staff members – not just the IT specialists – understand how to increase efficiency, manage costs, and reduce security risks for organizations whenever tasked with making current cloud technology decisions. CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ will show that successful candidates: 

  • Have the knowledge and understanding of the foundational business and technical components included in a cloud assessment 
  • Understand specific security concerns and measures 
  • Comprehend new technology concepts, solutions, and benefits to an organization

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+

Vybraný termín:

25.9.2023 –  27.9.2023  Praha 1

24 000 Kč + 21% DPH

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